Yoga For People Who Sit A Lot

Sitting nowadays is one of the most common postures in the workplace and also for students or anyone that does a lot of work at a desk or on a computer.

When we sit for most of the day, it starts to cause weakening and loosening of the muscles in the body. Our gluteal muscles start to lengthen and become weaker as our hip flexors tighten. Tight hip flexors promote issues with the rotation of the pelvis, which in turn can cause compression and pain in the lower back. Sitting also can cause tightness along the chest, in the shoulders, on the neck, and also tightening of the hamstrings.

So… basically, sitting all day can cause a ton of issues in your body if you don’t take care of it. And you know what can help to tighten or open up a lot of those neglected areas? Yoga. Lots and lots of yoga.

Here is a yoga flow that will help to get you started on working towards a healthier body if you sit or are bending over for a large portion of the day.

This workout is a full-body flow that with a focus on postures that would be beneficial to those that do a lot of sitting throughout the day.

Comment below if you try it out!


Published by

Shaina Brohard

Yoga and Fitness by Shaina

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