Stop Over-Thinking, You’re Ruining Your Own Life

Okay, so saying that you are ruining your own life is a bit of an over-statement, but also not really that far off.

The other day I had a business idea pop into my head. At the time, it was a great idea! I thought about it for hours and hours and all day long. I obsessed over it and did all the research I needed to get it off the ground and running. After spending days creating and working on my idea, I suddenly had a thought in my head, “Are people even going to like this?”.

And that was it. My idea was dead.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will

I started thinking about all the ways it could go wrong and I slowly self-sabotaged and completely lost any motivation or willingness to keep going with my idea. I had literally talked myself out of it for no reason other then my own self-doubt and insecurities. Even though others told me it would work, I told myself it wouldn’t, and that’s all that mattered at that point.

We do this to ourselves.

We over-think or talk ourselves out of doing something, not even considering the fact that it could change our life forever. That it might just work. That one idea could completely change the course of our journey and send us on a road we never even dreamed of stepping down.

Giclee Print: If Your Dreams Dont Scare You by Brett Wilson : 40x30in

The bottom line is, we are all afraid of failure. But the difference between the man that is living his dreams and the man that only is longing for his, is this:

The man who stays on the safe side will forever only long for his dreams and continue to tolerate his carefully planned and relatively meaningless life. Any form of individuality crushed by his own doubts and the lies from others that he’s been told. Alternatively, the man that is living his dreams had to first adopt the word vulnerable and literally get over himself. He had to push past his insecurities and doubts and negative dialogue and go after something that he wanted to make happen more then anything. He had to try and he had to fail. He had to get up every day knowing that he might fall down, but worked his hardest anyways.

We live in a time where our dreams are happily crushed by those with closed eyes. Where most of us are conditioned from birth to take the “safe” path. Where any divergence from the accepted norm of society might be frowned upon, and laughed at. We over-think and talk ourselves out of doing anything outside of the norm for fear of losing our social acceptance. Every morning we put on our uniforms, sip our coffee, and sacrifice our happiness to tolerate a life we never wanted to live.

You know that passion you used to have? Bring that back. That great idea you have? Go after that. That dream you were told was crazy? Use that as fuel. You’re only crazy because they’ve been taking the pill that makes dreams only exist in their sleep.

Go after what you want. Life your life fully and fill your cup up.

And lastly, stop over-thinking everything. You’re only ruining your own life.


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